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He joined the Straw Hats to satisfy his fantasies of turning into a specialist that can fix any ailment and to wind up his own man. There's a manga for that. An extraordinary foretelling into how Blackbeard would form into one of the principle opponents further in the manga. Accordingly, fans have begun figuring it out, and the numbers will most likely diminish a few and strike fear into others.

Read One Piece 240 raw english online for free.
Here you can read One Piece 240 raw english online for free.

The best model is presumably Boa Hancock, a female privateer, who ends up one of Luffy's great partners. Robin's family bargains of a gathering of archeologists, who look to find the untold certainties about the world. Eiichiro Oda makes his characters feel human and we can't resist the urge to identify with them.